What are the essential elements of revolutions

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The class is international relation.

1-What are the essential elements of revolutions? Please use some "real world" examples.

2-Why do you think the Defense Department seems to have eclipsed the State Dept as a pre-eminent "designer" of US foreign policy? Is this desirable??

3-The Congress of Vienna wanted to restore the pre-Napoleanic order - Austria was the driving force here, but over the next few decades after 1815, Prussia (Germany) soon filled the power vacuum left in "Mitteleuropa" - ("middle" or central Europe). The other major power was Austria-Hungary.After WWI, especially the French, Wilson, etc., wanted to break up Austria-Hungary - and they did - into the small states we see today. What country did this new power vacuum ultimately help and why?

4-Why do you think the American government hesitated in supporting the rebellions/revolutions in Egypt especially?

Reference no: EM13513


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