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Assignment 2: LASA - Project Planning - Developing the Project Plan and Determining Critical Path

1. Using the District4WarehouseMove WBS.xls provided, create a project plan for the District 4 Warehouse Move project. Use the PDF document, Project Plan Check - District4Move, to check your work to be sure you have created your starting project plan correctly. ProjectLibre is required for this task. If you have not yet downloaded ProjectLibre, please click here and follow the directions to do so now.

Note: you will need to insert a column to include your WBS codes, then you will need to sequence the tasks to show tasks by work package.

2. Based upon the details in the WBS and the project case, determine which tasks need to be completed first and which tasks are dependent upon other tasks to be completed prior to starting. Using this information identify predecessors in your project plan's predecessor column. Complete the predecessor column by entering the line number of tasks that must be completed in order for each task to start. This will create your project timeline.

1. Using ProjectLibre's Network or flow diagram view, determine the critical path for this project. In a MS Word document, list the activities that are on the critical path. Considering the risks identified in the risk table below, identify which risks would be most likely to increase your project timeline. Justify your responses.

2. Submit both your completed project plan and your MS Word document.

District 4 Production Warehouse Move Project - Risk Table

1 Permits are not received per the schedule
2 Finish work contractors walk off the job half way through
3 Framing and drywall contractors are running behind schedule and can only produce half their crew as scheduled
4 Work benches are poor quality and 1/3 will have to be rebuilt.

Attachment:- ProjectLibre.rar

Reference no: EM131598965


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