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Your efforts with MLD Hospital have paid off. The corporation has hired SMP and your staff to provide supply chain management consulting services. Your team has begun analyzing the existing processes, and you have been tasked with developing the purchasing policies and procedures with focus on ethics in the supply chain.

Remember: From a supply chain management perspective, a company produces services or products. Clearly, MLD Hospital produces a service.

This means that sourcing analysis must consider the raw materials necessary for producing this service (e.g., bandages, needles, blood, and medical equipment).

Using course materials and other resources, develop a paper for the hospital management consisting of the following sections:

Discuss the importance of identifying the best suppliers by explaining the impact of source selection on supply chain performance.

In conjunction with number 1, discuss whether the hospital will insource or outsource its sourcing needs.

Develop a high-level ethics policy for the purchasing department at MLD Hospital, identifying general responsibilities and prohibited behaviors.

APA: Deliverable is cited properly according to the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.).

Reference no: EM131147982

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