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XYZ has debt of 32,500,000 and is expected to produce FCF of 9,500,000 next year. How do I calculate the value of a share of XYZ if the company has 10 million shares outstanding, FCF is expected to grow at 3.5% per year, and the company required return is 14.5%?

Reference no: EM1328067

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Detemining value of preferred share : Preferred shares issued by the CAT carry dividend of 1.25 per share. How do I compute the value of preferred share if the required return on the shares is 14.0%?
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Detemining the value of share : XYZ has debt of 32,500,000 and is expected to produce FCF of 9,500,000 upcoming year. How do I compute the value of a share of XYZ if the company has 10 million shares outstanding.
Explain legal issues in e-business : Explain Legal issues in e-business and Identify issues that may arise in the company's international business
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