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Project Brief-

You are an engineer working for a highway consultancy who has been commissioned by a Highway Authority to identify and design a connection route between Location A and Location B in the United Kingdom. (State clearly the Coordinates of A and B at the outset of your project). You have to determine a preliminary alignment for a two-lane road connecting Location A and Location B. You should decide on:

1. The coordinates of Location A and Location B on a map/plan
2. The appropriate design speed
3. The maximum and minimum grade gradient
4. The maximum super-elevation and any other design criteria deemed appropriate
5. word count should be 3500 words minimum

Your task is to produce a feasibility study report on the project. Your feasibility study should follow the guidelines in the Design Manuals for Roads and Bridges (DMRB). The design documents can be found from the weblink If you would like to recommend any departures, you need to produce your justifications on why you have to do so.

In your report you have to define the objective and scope of the project, to locate relevant codes for your design, to determine design specifications, to formulate appropriate design criteria, to perform site analyses, and to present preliminary and final designs to its client including environmental impact assessment.

Your feasibility study should consider the following (marks distribution as shown):

Site Investigation / Ground Improvement


Highway Legislations and Planning


Environmental Impact


Horizontal and Vertical Alignment


Pavement Design


Roundabout and Junction Design


Highway Drainage


Computer Software


Traffic Appraisal


Evidence of Research


Report Presentation and Approach


Project Presentation




Submission Checklist:

• Present the aim, scope and design statement of the highway project alignment

• Produce a detailed feasibility study report describing the external circumstances, existing conditions and barriers that affect the development of your project.

• Critically undertake Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and evaluate environmental impact issues.

• Determine and produce of highway design specifications and formulate design criteria.

• Design of a highway scheme including highway alignment, junction design pavement design and an awareness of traffic appraisal.

• Discuss quantitative methods and relevant software packages to solve engineering problems.

• Present the code of practice and standards which are to be followed and elaborate the sustainable development for your highway project.

• Produce an ideal solution with a valid conclusion for the stated problem.

Reference no: EM131032378


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