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Design a 3NF Logical Model and Design a Dimensional Model for the following:

Within our university, University of Normalization, we record students with an id, a first name, middle initial and last name. Courses have a term, a line number (like a combined course number and section number, i.e. CSC451-701), a course number, and stuff called A, B, C, and D. The courses are described in the catalog with a course number and title. Enrollment maintains the student's id number, the term and the line number for which they are registered. Courses are made up of components (homework, quiz1, quiz2, midterm, etc.), and each component has a name, its maximum points value, and the weight of the points for the class. Components vary by line number and term. Scores are maintained for each student by their id, term, line number, component name and the associated points earned.

Reference no: EM131524486


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