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To begin to combine and demonstrate skills in drawing tools, tweens, working with text, and telling a story

Assignment: Develop a Flash movie that lasts 15 - 30 seconds and combines graphic elements created in Flash (or another Adobe product if you wish) combined with text and animation to tell a story. You may also import other graphics (photos for example) to help set the stage for your story. Following the western comic tradition, likely the emphasis will be on action rather than atmosphere, but some of both is preferable. Make the story short, but interesting. For inspiration, you may find television commercials an enlightening genre to study for short yet compelling scenarios. Just a reminder, a 30-second story played at 24 frames per second will require 720 frames.

Reference no: EM1341895

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Demonstrate skills in drawing tools : To begin to combine and demonstrate skills in drawing tools, tweens, working with text, and telling a story
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