Define a time frame for achieving the strategic goals

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Question: class-Internet data analysis for business

Project subject- Data Driven Webb analytics

In addition to the e-Business Plan template under the Data-Driven Web Analytics Plan section heading (attachement), add a Data-Driven Web Analytics Plan of 4 pages that includes the following for the case study organization:

- Create a business strategic goals statement (include at least 6 goals).

- Develop an action plan for achieving the strategic goals.

- Define the necessary benchmarks (including sales trends for the last 12 months).

- Define a time frame for achieving the strategic goals.

- Determine a budget to be allocated to achieving the strategic goals.

- Create an analytics profile (including 4 conversion goals).

- Create 4 tracking URLs.

- Discuss how you will make comparisons between metrics

- Complete in Microsoft Office using APA format

Reference no: EM131449542

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