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1. Watch the video of the play "Trifles": youtube/f1LGwPFeSz8. Describe what it was like seeing the words come to life through the actors' mouths.... did the actors match what your imagination thought they looked like when you read the play? Did the set of the play match your imagination? What about the way they acted... is this what you pictured in your mind?

2. youtube/Dqh29gkseag
Watch the video discussion of "Trifles" by a professor. Describe his argument, what he thinks the play means. How does the professor convince of his points? Be specific.

Read the resource "Silent Justice in 'Trifles.'" Write out the argument of the essay "Silent Justice." How does the author prove his points?

4. Compare and contrast the video discussion of "Trifles" with the essay "Silent Justice". Which is more "scholarly"? Which is easier to understand? Which is more convincing? Why?

Reference no: EM13252627


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