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I want to research about Oracle and answer the following questions in elaborated way. Also I want to compare Oracle to MS SQL and MS Access and answer the questions elaborated way that are in part (II) bellow.

The document should be written in research paper format.

I Oracle Corporation

A. Major products
1. Product 1
2. Product 2
3. Product 3

B. Major competitors
1. Competitor 1
2. Competitor 2
3. Competitor 3

C. How successful are they?
1. Annual revenue
2. Reputation

II Compare and contrast the three products (Oracle, SQL Server & Access).

A. Important feature - performance
1. Why is performance important
2. Oracle
3. MS SQL Server
4. Access

B. Important feature - price
1. Why is price important
2. Oracle
3. MS SQL Server
4. Access

C. Important feature - scalability
1. What is scalability and why is it important
2. Oracle
3. MS SQL Server
4. Access

D. Important feature - security
1. Why is security important
2. Oracle
3. MS SQL Server

E: Why would a company choose one over another?

Reference no: EM1333482


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