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Part -1

 Consider the product "paint"

1.Identify a suitable functional unit for a stand alone study on paint.

2.Define a suitable functional unit for a comparative study between two different types of paint.

3.Explain the difference between the two cases considering some of the possible different performances two paints may have.

Part -2

Choose one functional unit from the following options for an LCA study that compares the environmental burdens of using beverage containers made of different materials (e.g. glass, plastic, carton). Define the function for beverage containers that you are considering, explain the reasons behind your choice of functional unit and why the other options are to be discarded.

1) 1 bottle

2) 10kg of bottles

3) Number of bottles needed to contain 500 litres of beverage

The metal product P is produced in plant C, where metal sheets are cut and pressed to form the product P. Plant B delivers the metal sheets to plant C. In plant B, ingots are melted and rolled into sheets. The ingots come from plant A where the mineral is extracted, turned into metal and cast into ingots.

Plant A produces 1200 tonnes of ingots per year; emissions to air from plant A are equal to 600kg of HCl per year and emissions to water equal to 600 kg of Cu per year. Plant B produces 1600 tonnes of metal sheets per year; emissions to air from plant B are equal to 480kg of HC per year. Plant C produces 400 tonnes of product P per year; emissions to air from plant C are equal to 250kg of HC per year


1. Draw a flow chart that includes all the activities in the system. Each plant is considered as an activity of its own. Represent the flow of material from plant to plant by arrows and indicate what goes in and what come out from each plant.

2. Calculate the environmental burdens related to the emissions of HCl, Cu and HC, indicated as BHCl, BCu and BHC, and expressed in kg equivalent /tFU.

Reference no: EM13750

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