Can an item apperar on more than one financial statment

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Each of the following items is shown in the financial statements of Exxon Mobil Coperation:

1. Accounts payable
2. Cash equivalents   
3. Crude oil inventory
4. Equipment
5. Exploration expenses
6. Income taxes payable
7. Investments
8. Long-term debt
9. Maketable secrities
10. Notes and loans payable
11. Notes receivable
12. Operating expenses
13. Prepaid taxes
14. Sales
15. Selling expenses

a. Identify the financial statment (balance sheet or income statment) in which each item would appear.

b. Can an item apperar on more than one financial statment?

c. Is the accounting equation relevant for Exxon Mobil Corporation? 

Reference no: EM131032087


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