Calculate the velocity in the constriction and the flowrate

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1.Discuss how the NEC3 form of contract provides stimulus to good management and compare and contrast this where possible with other forms of contract

2.Water flows through a 75 mm constriction in a horizontal 150 mm pipe. If the pressure in the 150 mm section is 345 kPa and that in the constriction 207 kPa, calculate the velocity in the constriction and the flowrate.

3.The sports car has a mass of 2.3 Mg and accelerates. at 6m=s2, starting from rest. If the drag resistance on the car. due to the wind is F D = (10v) N, where v is the velocity in m/s,. determine the power supplied to the engine when t=5s. the engine has a running efficiency of e=.68

Reference no: EM13543416


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