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The Sunrise Hotel Company operates 20 hotels (comprising a total of 2,800 rooms) around the Mediterranean. Over the 365 days of last year the company's rooms were occupied (i.e. rented out to guests) 68 percent of the time and on average each room was occupied by 1.4 guests. The average length of stay across the whole year for guests staying in all the company's hotel rooms was 2.0 nights. The company has 6 hotels with 250 rooms, 10 hotels with 100 rooms and the rest are smaller. During the 62 days of the peak summer season (i.e. July and August) their hotels are 100 percent full and the proportion of families staying doubles. From October to December (92 days) the rooms were 36 percent full on average and the proportion of single people staying on business increased considerably. To help the Company Director in preparing an 'End of Year' Powerpoint, could you calculate the total number of people that stayed in accommodation owned by the hotel group last year, to the nearest five hundred?

Reference no: EM131662377

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