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1.Determine the critical load of a steel tube that is 5 m long and has a 100-mm outer diameter and a 16-mm wall thickness. Use E = 200 GPa.

2.Carbon dioxide flows in a 75 mm diameter PVC pipe at 0.014 kg/s at a pressure of 345 kN/m^2/s abs and a temperature of 10 degrees C. Calculate the head loss in 500 m of pipe.

3.A composite beam is fabricated by connecting two W6 x 20 rolled-steel members, using bolts of 5/8-in. diameter spaced longitudinally every 6 in. Knowing that the average allowable shearing stress in the bolts is 10.5 ksi, determine the largest allowable vertical shear in the beam.

4.Air at 60°F and 40 psia flows in a 4-in.-diameter pipe with a mass flux of 0.2 slug/sec. The pipe undergoes a conversion to a 2 in. by 3 in. rectan- gular duct in which T ?? 150°F and p ? 7 psia. Calculate the velocity in each section.

Reference no: EM13542358


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