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Part A:

Question 1: The main means of amassing data include:

Question 2: The data input phase includes:

Question 3: An information-discovery culture ensures:

Question 4: Emerging trends that are encouraging heathcare executives to become interested in developing innovative, integrative, and cost-beneficial HMIS solutions include:

Question 5: Because it is an art form, motivation requires that the CIO have special skills and elevated expertise, including:

Question 6: In a healthcare services organizational context, the mission, goals, and objectives of the health organization determine how:

Question 7: The role of the CEO or CIO to oversee the use of HMIS in any healthcare services organization requires that the individual has been trained and has experience and mastered a certain set of:

Question 8: Marketing strategy has to do with:

Question 9: Shared values portray:

Question 10: What nationality receives more than one-third of their health and medical care information via television?

Question 11: For breast cancer patients who may have distinct needs for care and coping, several researchers have found that these patients:

Question 12: Online activities include:

Question 13: Online extraction of relevant health information by both experts and laypersons have proliferated due to:

Question 14: Existing ERP packages include:

Question 15: In the same context as the assembly of isolated legacy systems into an integrated system with real-time access of different views (allowing decisions to be made intelligently across the enterprise) is the idea of:

Question 16: Systems software manages:

Question 17: The primary goals of supply chain management (SCM) are:

Question 18: One of the stated goals of HL7 collaboration is to:

Question 19: New CHIN need to implement community management systems that operate from a central information hub that connects to:

Question 20: One definition of regional health information organizations (RHINO):

Question 21: Open systems, as characterized by the Internet, electronic data interchange (EDI), and extranets, offer:

Question 22: While the vision of EHR is theoretically possible, it is difficult to realize in practice. EHR would portray:

Question 23: Computer-based decision support systems (CDSS) are:

Question 24: A Web-based PHR system will empower patients with:

Question 25: Three categories of healthcare data are required, almost universally, by healthcare services organizations for supporting their planning and decision-making activities, and one of these is:

Question 26: Most legacy systems were developed using different system platforms such as:

Question 27: Legacy systems were mostly developed using different database management systems such as:

Question 28: The traditional healthcare services organizations are expected to be transformed in the coming years, to include:

Question 29: To support XML document processing, a variety of specifications and standards have emerged, such as:

Question 30: As a modular, self-describing type of software service, Web services are self-contained applications that can be:

Part B:

Question 1: The movement toward the use of EHR has developed much further in countries other than the United States, where only what percent of practices use EHR?

Question 2: Strategic decisions are those that affect the healthcare organization in the long term. These strategic decisions:

Question 3: Critical success factor (CSF):

Question 4: Developing an HMSISP will facilitate an organization in identifying how they can use information systems to:

Question 5: Variables used in formalized data flow diagrams (DFD), refers to:

Question 6: Although the Waterfall model was an improvement on previous models, it was frequently criticized for numerous problems, including that:

Question 7: An end-user is:

Question 8: Of the following concepts, which describes "system development methodology tools"?

Question 9: How is management, a major component of data stewardship, defined?

Question 10: How is business intelligence, a major component of data stewardship, defined?

Question 11: Which of the following is not a risk for accurate and repeatable entry and updates processes?

Question 12: How is security, a major component of data stewardship, defined?

Question 13: HMIS implementation often carries with it great expectations. It is not unusual, for instance, to find that many end-users who have little or no direct involvement with system development become disappointed with the final results of HMIS implementation because the:

Question 14: The turnover rate of information systems personnel averages about what percent per year?

Question 15: In general, the CSFs for HMIS implementation fall into one of three broad categories. Which of the following is not one of those categories?

Question 16: Data dictionaries contain all but one of the following attributes.

Question 17: What is one drawback of hiring outside consultants for project management?

Question 18: What is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) used for?

Question 19: Out of the following list, which is not a reason that underpins the slow automation of medical records?

Question 20: The ICD-10 coding system representing healthcare concepts is described as:

Question 21: What information, precisely, is HIPAA protecting?

Question 22: Tele-monitoring, one of the major current categories of telemedicine, refers to:

Question 23: E-Health, one of the major current categories of telemedicine, refers to:

Question 24: Social and cultural barriers to e-health adoption are:

Question 25: Tele-consultation is the type of telemedicine that can occur in:

Question 26: What are primary barriers for innovation diffusion in the healthcare sector wearable monitoring device technology?

Question 27: What is the best mitigation approach for the barrier identified for effective HMIS use and diffusion referred to as: lack of training, lack of access to the structured knowledge and criteria regarding the system capabilities and implementation processes?

Question 28: There are key benefits that can be gained from the acceptance and diffusion of medical and healthcare information and decision support technologies. Which listing below is not one of those key benefits?

Question 29: A complex adaptive system may be conceived as one that typically comprises:

Question 30: What are primary benefits of the wireless local area network (WLAN)-based mobile computing system and wearable monitoring devices?

Reference no: EM13757967


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