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English Homework------at least 250 words

Play Experience Logs are records of and reflections play experiences. As such, each PEL has to target a different game/experience, which is designed to ensure players are exposed to different types of games and activities as part of this course.

Students must complete and submit the PEL form in order to receive points for the PEL.

In the Reflections section of the PEL form, students may want to:

- reflect on their play experience;

- analyze/express thoughts on the game, game play, gaming situations, etc.;

- talk about an issue or idea in relation to their game, game play, or play experience;

- share insightful tips about gameplay strategies;

- connect the game/play to course content (discussions or readings).

This list of possible approaches is not exhaustive. Rather, these options are offered here as an inventional aid-i.e., starting places for thinking about how one might reflect on his or her play experiences.

Overall, find an action in your life, such as baking, playing a game and so on. Then find how does this action effect on you regarding with the reading's principle and idea or the website's principle and idea

Reference no: EM131033939


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