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Format: You are required to submit a report detailing your calculations and your analysis.

You are required to select two companies listed below and obtain its financial statements for last 3 years.

  1. Tesco
  2. Sainsbury
  3. Next plc
  4. Debenhams plc

 Calculate the following Ratios for each of the 3 years, using formulae provided in the class.           

  • Profitability,
  • Liquidity  
  • All calculations and formulae used must be identified

 Analyse the financial performance of the two companies based on your calculations , identifying and  discussing weaknesses of ratios analysis.

 Your analysis must contain an introduction, a recommendation how these areas can be improved in the future, and a conclusion detailing the results of your analysis.          

  • Calculations/ formulae Demonstration of calculations
  • Format, referencing, bibliography, use of tables/charts Structured analytical report with supporting referencing where required
  • Performance Analysis Relevance, Clear demonstration of understanding and applied in context
  • Introduction, recommendation and conclusion Demonstration of clear understanding of the issues.  

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Reference no: EM1342965

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