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The Office of the Mayor of London, and the Greater London Authority (GLA) have established a set of priorities for the development of London. We probably are all aware to some extent of the priority associated with London 2012 and the successful running of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London; but we are much less aware of the other priorities. Among the other priorities, and considered by Mr Boris Johnson (the Mayor) as critical for a sustainable future is Environment (seehttps://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/environmentaccessed 09/08/2010)

Write a report which deals with the following issues:

1)A brief review of the powers and responsibilities of the GLA and the Mayor

2)A literature review summarising the policies which relate to "the environment" introduced by the Mayor in the last 5 years which includes:

a.An analysis of the policies inbothacademic and news sources

b.Critical evaluation of the evidence provided by the literature sources used

3)An analysis of the gap between policy, public policy initiatives and general practice among the public, based upon written material about the real changes in London which may have resulted from the policies; focusing on the priorities that the Mayor has identified

4)A survey of opinions among students at GSM concerning the priorities for London, and a particular policy or initiative recently announced by the Office of the Mayor

5)A conclusion concerning the effectiveness of the GLA and the Mayor of London in tackling key issues that relate to "the environment"

Reference no: EM13341821

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