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Q. What is Monitor?

A Monitor is a television like box connected to your computer and providing you a vision into the mind of your PC. It displays what your computer is thinking.  It has a display that is technically described as the image-producing device it implies that the screen one sees and a circuitry which converts the signals from your computer (or similar devices) in the proper form for display. 

Monitors are or were just same as television sets except that television sets have a tuner or demodulator circuit to convert signals. Though now monitors have branched beyond television.  They have colour purity and greater sharpness as well as operate at higher frequencies.

Normally when you go to buy a monitor from market you see the subsequent specifications: Maximum Resolution, the Vertical and Horizontal Frequencies supported, Tube size and the connectors to the monitor. There are several vendors on market such as LG, Samsung, Sony etc. Home users normally go in for monitors of size 15", 17" or 14".  Monitors are also available as traditional curved screens, flat screens or LCD.  Technology behind Monitors and above specifications are discussed ahead.

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