State five objectives that the ppa 2006 aims to achieve, Other Management


The Public Procurement Act 2006 (PPA 2006) is a modern procurement legislation based on UNCITRAL Model Law. PPA 2006 was enacted in 2006 and came into force in 2008. Answer the following questions which relate to PPA 2006

(a) (i) State five objectives that the PPA 2006 aims to achieve

(ii) Explain briefly how these objectives might conflict with each other

(b) (i) Compare and contrast between Request for Sealed Quotations and Restricted Bidding procurement methods

(ii) Direct Procurement method is considered as the least transparent procurement method. Define Direct Procurement

(iii) State three conditions where the use of direct procurement is permitted

(c) (i) Explain the importance of opening bids in the presence of bidders

(ii) Identify two circumstances where a public body, prior to the acceptance of a bid, may reject all bids or cancel the public procurement proceedings

(iii) Explain the term lowest evaluated substantially responsive bid

(d) (i) The Challenge and Review mechanism may delay the procurement lead time. Justify two possible reasons for a public procurement system to have a challenge and review procedure

(ii) State two remedies that the Independent Review Panel may order if it determines that there is merit in the case

(iii) Enumerate two functions of Procurement Policy Office and two functions of Central Procurement Board

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