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Q. Show the product formulation?

One should also see the kind of infrastructure available in the laboratory and use the techniques which can be easily standardized for example, if it is not possible to carry out the controlled fermentation process one should avoid doing so. While doing variations in the product formulation, only one variation should be done at one time so as to attribute the results to a single factor. For example, if you are adding soya flour and channa flour to wheat flour at the same time, the resulting hardness or softness of the dough prepared could be because of any of these. Thus, to know the property of each you have to add one at a time and that to in different proportions.

Standardization of a method can be achieved by the use of standard weights and volume of ingredients. These standards for weights and volumes of different ingredients and dishes can be established by use of scales, slicing machines, measuring equipment, standard spoons, scoops and ladles designed to hold a measured amount of weight or volume of the food.

Sensory evaluation should be conducted at each stage of development so as to assess the acceptance of the product on the basis of appearance, taste, texture, consistency or viscosity, mouthfeel etc. Various tests for sensory evaluation can be made use of. These tests have already been described in Practical 6. Look them up once again. Packaging and labeling: The final product should be properly packed and labeled and then only the assessment of shelf life should be carried out. The packaging of the product should be based on the product characteristics and the availability of the packaging material. Also, the study of packaging material of the similar products available in the market as carried out in activity 1 of this practical can be made use of for designing of the packet.

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