Rayon - semi synthetic polymers, Chemistry

Rayon - Semi Synthetic Polymers

Rayon is a man made material which contains purified cellulose in the type of long fibres. Cellulose is reacted along with cold NaOH solution to cleanse it and then treated along with CS2 to form a viscose solution. This is the reason why rayon is sometimes described as viscose rayon. This solution is provided to go through fine pores in metal cylinder, into a dilute H2SO4. This generates in the creation of long fibres. Rayon fibre is chemically identical to cotton but has a shine such as silk. As such rayon is as well described as artificial silk. Rayon is required on a big scale for making textiles, tyre-chord, surgical dressings and carpets. Not similar to fully synthetic polymers, it takes moisture and is bio-degradable.

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