Pascal programming and mysql programming, PL-SQL Programming

I have a Pascal Source file that needs to be compiled into a Service. In addition, there are various functions (Pascal Procedures I guess) that need to be created to Read and Write a MySql database.

Job Description:

The essential context of the job at hand is this, I have a Pascal Source file that does a lot of calculations. In fact the only thing that this source file has is the formulas for a bunch of variables.

Getting the variables starting values requires coming from a MySql DB and the end result of the calculation requires being stored back into the MySql DB, this portion I do not have the source code for and needs to be created by YOU.

Now, this program needs to be a service of some kind that can be waiting around for my application to call it, give it a few parameters, and have it take off.

The end result of this project will be that you give a Pascal Source file containing the needed code for writing and reading the appropriate fields from/to MySql along with the need.

Desired Skills

Pascal Programming, MySQL Programming

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