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1. You can do this individually or in groups of 2-3 students.
2. Any material copied and pasted from anywhere (e.g., figures and text) is considered plagiarism even if references are given. You must use your own words and must cite the sources of any concepts used.
3. Any submission that does not include assignment submission form will not be marked. The submission will also be regarded as late and late penalty rules apply.

Project Topics
Topic 1: Nominate your own topic
In this topic you're allowed to pick your own subject as per the unit outline. Jemal and I have encouraged students in the past to do this topic since you can learn a great deal more about the area of Mobile and Ubiquitous systems than having us set an assignment. Also, you can show your future employers that you have actively participated in group work.
•The topic you have chosen;
•Why this is relevant to the unit;
•Scope of the proposed research report, which is what needs to be submitted;
•An outline of each member agreed upon responsibilities. [THIS IS IMPORTANT AND MUST BE PROVIDED IN ORDER FOR FAIR MARKING]
•What is each member set tasks?
•A break up of the work?
•Consequences if a member does not provide his/her section of the report?
What mark should they get? [Note: If one of your members is not pulling their weight or you can not get in touch with them than you must provide evidence that you attempted to get in touch with them (i.e Emails) and inform them of the agreed upon consequence of their action]
•You must keep the unit coordinator and unit chair informed of the situation. We would recommend you send us a weekly report (1 page) of your group activities that way we can help steer your progression throughout the assignment and if any problems eventuate then we can deal with it early.
•To be enforceable each member must sign the agreed proposal of their responsibilities and the consequences if they do meet their obligations. If your off-campus than an email from each acknowledging their obligations and responsibility should be adequate.
•Your proposal should also meet the following criteria as per the unit guide:
1. Mobility Management in Mobile Systems
2. Service Management in Wireless Mobile Systems
3. Data Management in Wireless Mobile Systems
4. Service discovery in wireless network
5. Energy-aware routing for sensor network
6. Context-aware routing/management
7. Mobile Middleware support systems
8. Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
9. Security in Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
10. Sensor Networks
•It must be current (i.e. some references published in the last 12 months).
•It must have national and international focus.
•It must have technical, commercial, legal, social and ethical dimensions.
Set Rules that MUST be followed:
The final approved proposal must be received no later than 2nd of August 2010 @
5.00pm and an acknowledge email to go forward with the assignment will be provided by the unit coordinator. Note: This is maximum date allowed if you want to do your own topic otherwise you will have to select one of the below topics. Also you must keep the acknowledge email from the unit coordinator to provide evidence that you were allowed to do this topic if questioned.

Before this date you are encouraged to start the group assignment as early as possible.
If you attend to form a group you must fill out responsibilities and consequences form which must be signed and forwarded. Once you have chosen a particular topic please send it to the unit coordinator or unit chair for approval. If approved, you will receive an approval email to go forward. If not, we will indicate our reasons why and if it is before the 2nd of August 2010 @ 5.00pm than you will have time to change it. After the 2nd of August 2010 @ 5.00pm you will than have to choose one of the topics below.
If no responsibilities and consequences form is submitted than every member of the group will receive the same mark regardless of the work done. For eg: if the assignment mark total is 30% out of 40% each member will get that mark.
The Below Topics Do Not Need Pre-Approval
Topic 1: A Context Aware Mobile Phone
The aim of this project is to build and implement a mobile phone application (using either .NET or Java) that adapts its behaviour to its user's state and ambience with emphases on the issues that enable the mobile phone to adapt to the user's ambience (extra marks if you include user states). The mobile phone environment is generally divided into uninterruptible (e.g., meeting, giving a talk, class, driving, church, etc.) and interruptible (e.g., walking to class) user's state and surroundings. The system should enable the user to indicate what is uninterruptible and interruptible.

Also, the mobile phone will operate in three different states: normal state, silent state, and vibrate state. The normal state is the default state. In this state, the phone operates in its current standard (i.e., user ambience-unaware) mode. When a call comes in while the phone is in vibrate state, the phone will only vibrate and it's the responsibility of the user to decide whether or not to answer. This requires could be implemented by setting the vibrate control on/off. In a silent state, both the ringer and vibration would be automatically disabled. This could be implemented by changing ringer volume control (off, low, medium, high).
For example, if the phone's location system indicates the user is in a church and the to-do list shows a sermon from 11 a.m. to 12:30p.m. When a call comes in, the phone will combine the information from the location-sensing system, schedule and to-do list, and then make a decision to say disable the ringer automatically disabled while the user is in the church between the specified times.
There is no restriction on the system and programming environments to be used.
Topic 2: Game Based Design and Implementation for Mobile
As a flourishing field, e-learning at large has attracted increasing attention from both industry and academic sectors. To facilitate the development of effective e-learning systems, scalable technologies that support an arbitrary number of users while providing them with a good learning environment are needed. This project researches and develops a location-aware, digital game-based learning environment framework based ubiquitous computing technologies. You may use also use any Mobile IDE you require. The following paper is useful to look at if you chose to do this project.
Topic 3: Dynamic Data Placement for Blue Tooth Devices
Survey and critically analyse algorithms for placing data on multiple Bluetooth wireless channels, assuming that there are no dependencies among the transmitted data reporting on their implementation cost and their relative performance.
Topic 4: Mobile and Ubiquitous Security Video
The aim of this project is to develop a you-tube type video that captures you attacking and defending a wireless system with one of the attack/defence tools.
Some areas that we covered that you might want to consider:
1. WEP Attack
2. Bluetooth Hacking
3. WPA Attack
Penetration Tools that you might use:
•Backtrack 4 (preferable)
•Samuri Web Testing Framework
The report should at least cover:
•Previous Research Papers and Related Work in the area of the attack
•System Setup
•Description of the attack
•Description of the defense
•Scope of the project
•Results of the attack and defence on the system.
Submission of the video must accompany a 3000 page report that adhere too the JRPIT presentation guidelines as well. You can either uploading your video via DSO or hand deliver it to me.
Please note: The idea of this question is to setup of your own system so that you can record your attack and defence against it. Do not assume that it is alright or that they will not mind if you compromise their system. This unacceptable behaviour and it is clearly not the intent of the question.
Note: If you work in groups you must send the signed responsibility and consequence agreement form telling us how you want the marks allocated based on your work. The
Unit Coordinator needs this form before you submit your assignment so that he can discuss it and if need be clarify before any marks are issued. For example, what member is going to do what and how do you want to share out the total mark that is allocated to your group. Note: It has to be agreed upon by all members of your group and the form must contain their signature.
If no responsibilities and consequences form is submitted than every member of the group will receive the same mark regardless of the work done. For eg: if the assignment mark total is 30% out of 40% each member will get that mark, since it is the responsibility of the group to work out what of the total mark each member of the group should get based on the agreed upon form. If you are happy that each member gets the same mark, than you do not need to submit the form.
Your report must be prepared using Microsoft Word to enable us to readily access your submissions. If you have any concerns about this requirement please contact the unit coordinator before committing your assignment to any other software!

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