List any four audio file formats you know, Computer Graphics


(a)  List any four audio file formats you know.

(b)  UTMDigitlab ltd, specialized in digitizing sound, converts an audio stream of the latest album of Shakira into digital format (16-bit and stereo). Calculate the duration in seconds of a stereo sound file of CD Quality and given the file size is 15 MB.

(c)  Below is a picture showing the CorelDraw 12 working environment. List and briefly describe the function(s) of the three tools (Tool 1, Tool 2 and Tool 3) as shown in Fig.


(d) Below are two screenshots from Photoshop CS3. List and describe briefly the following tools (Tool 4, Tool 5 & Tool 6) as shown below.



(e) Briefly describe the concept of layers as used in Photo editing software like Photoshop. List one advantage and one disadvantage of using the feature „Flattening an image'.

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