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In 1972, Malcolm McLuhan called the world a "global village". According to the author, we are now living in a historical era characterized by the abundance of international contacts between people from different cultures, and their ability to understand and communicate effectively is becoming extremely important. The author pursues that there are no more unchartered territories on the map of the world as it has been entirely „explored? by tourists who have reached every corner of the globe. On their way, tourists still encounter new cultures. Communicating with representatives of other cultures is perceived as difficult due to cultural differences. To make the process easier and more efficient, studies into the process of communication have been broadened to include communication between cultures. In this way a new science, called by Edward T. Hall "Intercultural Communication" has been created. (Drozdowska and Radko, 2006 - Intercultural Communication in Tourism)

(a) With reference to the above expose, explain the term "inter-cultural communication". Provide an example to support your answer.

(b) Using examples, distinguish between intercultural communication and cross-cultural communication.

(c) Explain the term "effective communication" in an inter-cultural context and describe any two advantages of effective communication in tourism.

(d) Globalisation has added to more challenges in the way people communicate across the world. Identify and explain any two inter cultural communication barriers that might impede the effectiveness of a communication process at an international tourism conference.

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