Illustrate the system architecture, Computer Engineering


a) Explain why pervasive computing can be termed as a "technology that disappears".

b) List and describe four main components of a MOTE used in Wireless Sensor Networks, using examples where appropriate.

c) You have been asked to design an Assisted living system for patients at XYZ organisation. The system is a medical-oriented sensor network system for large-scale assisted living facilities which integrates heterogeneous devices, some wearable on the patient and some placed inside the living space. Together they inform the healthcare provider about the health status of the resident.

i) Provide a justified list of sensors that you can use for this system.

ii) Describe your network infrastructure design, and illustrate the system architecture.

iii) What type of devices will the patients and caregivers use to interact with the network?

iv) How are you going to manage power source for all motes within your network?

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