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Q. Illustrate Hexadecimal Number System?

A big difficulty with the binary system is verbosity. To symbolize the value 202 requires eight binary digits.

The decimal version needs only three decimal digits and therefore, represents numbers much more compactly than does the binary numbering system. This fact wasn't lost on the engineers who designed binary computer systems.

When the dealing with large values, binary numbers quickly become too unwieldy. The hexadecimal (base 16) numbering system solves these problems. The Hexadecimal numbers offer the two features:

  • hex numbers are very compact
  • It is easy to convert from hex to binary and binary to hex.

Ever since we'll often need to enter hexadecimal numbers into the computer system, we'll need a different mechanism for representing hexadecimal numbers since you cannot enter a subscript to denote the radix of the associated value.

The Hexadecimal system is base on the binary system using the Nibble or 4-bit boundary. In the Assembly Language programming, most assemblers require the first digit of a hexadecimal number to be 0, and we place an H at the end of the number to denote the number base.

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