How to prevent and control pem, Biology

How to Prevent and Control PEM?

Any programme aimed at prevention of PEM should be holistic and comprehensive considering the family as a unit. Since the effects of under nutrition are cumulative, currently it is being emphasized that 'life cycle approach' as illustrated in Figure should be adopted.

1802_How to Prevent and Control PEM.png

Figure: Life cycle approach

It is generally recommended that the entry point into the life cycle is the adolescent girl, who will be the future mother and should be given adequate attention. Their nutrition should be ensured and the family should be educated against the practices like adolescent marriages and pregnancies so that they would be prepared to be healthy women of tomorrow to be able to handle pregnancy, lactation and child care effectively. At all levels, the advice should include both health care and nutrition. Given below are some of the measures which should help in prevention of PEM.

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