File formats that are used for vector data, Computer Graphics

File Formats that are used for Vector Data

This data can be saved in a wide variety of file formats are as:

•EPS: the most well-accepted file format to exchange vector drawings though EPS-files can also include bitmap data.

•PDF: versatile file format which can include just about any type of data comprising complete pages, not yet broadly used to exchange just images.

• PICT: file format which can include both bitmap and vector data but which is mainly used on Macintosh computers.

This is frequently necessary to convert images from bitmap data to vector data or back. Several possible uses contain:

  • Vector drawings frequently have to be converted to bitmaps if they will be utilized on a web page.
  • If you scan a logo, this is a bitmap image although if it is going to be resized time and again based upon its application then, it turns into more practical to have that logo as a vector drawing therefore its file size is smaller and you can change the size without worrying regarding to any loss in quality.
  • Vector drawings are occasionally too complicated for a RIP to be output on film or plate. Occasionally converting them to bitmap identifies the file.
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