File formats that are used for bitmap data, Computer Graphics

File Formats that are used for Bitmap Data

Bitmap data can be saved in a wide variety of file formats are:

• BMP: restricted file format that is not appropriate for use in prepress.

limited file format that is not suitable for use in prepress.

• EPS: flexible file format which can contain both vector data and bitmap.

• GIF: mostly used for internet graphics.

• JPEG: or quite the JFIF file format, which is mainly used for internet graphics.

• PDF: versatile file format which can contain just about any type of data consisting complete pages, not yet broadly used to exchange just images

• PICT: file format which can contain both vector data and bitmap but that is mostly used on Macintosh computers and is not very appropriate for prepress.

• TIFF: the most well-liked bitmap file format in prepress

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