Explain the food applications of carrageenan, Biology

Food Applications of Carrageenan

Carrageenan consists of a family of hydrocolloids, which have different properties and it has a wide variety of uses. Some examples of properties, which are important for food formulations, are:

  • Gel clarity and high gelling temperatures, thus important in cake glazes and water dessert gels. Firm, quick setting gel, which is valued in, processed cheese system.
  • Ability to adjust the texture and the melting point, thus provides the texture needed when carrageenans are used to replace fat in ground meats.
  • Low hot viscosities at elevated temperatures, thus useful UHT systems.
  • Increases milk solid contents thus makes system economical because of the interaction with milk protein.
  • Synergism with locust bean gum and starch, this allows a variety of gel tortures, melting gels, and non-melting gels to be produced.
  • Kappa-carrageenan used at a concentration of 0.02-0.03% holds cocoa particles in suspension and prevents cream separation.
  • Lamda-carrageenan at a concentration of 0.05% produces thickening and stabilization.
  • Sodium salts of Lamda and Kappa-carrageenan at a concentration of 0.01-0.035% gives improved dough characteristics and allows incorporation of higher levels of nonfat milk solids.


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