Explain integrated data model, HR Management


(a) Why an Integrated Data Model is considered the heart of an ERP system?

(b) ERP solutions have flawlessly displayed the integration of various business processes and eliminated the duplication of work across various functions.

Explain this statement with a brief business life cycle of a sample company making use of appropriate diagram where applicable.

(c) Suppose you are the Sales manager of a Large Manufacturing Company, what Human Resources information do you think you would need to manage your sales force?

(d) Marketing and Sales (M/S) is the focal point of any company, because they are responsible for selling the company's product.

Assume you are the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a large manufacturing company that is thinking a CRM package, but there is resistance from the CEO. Do you think implementing CRM is a good idea? How can you convince the CEO that CRM will make improvements?

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