Explain induction period, HR Management

Q. Explain Induction period?

Induction period: a good induction should cover the following:

1. The company, its history and products process of production and major operations job training in his job.

2. The significance of the job with all necessary information about it including job training and job hazards.

3. Structure of the organization and the functions of the various departments.

4. Employee's own department and job, and how he fits into the organization.

5. Personnel policy and sources of the information.

6. Company policies, practises, objectives, and regulations.

7. Terms and conditions of the service, amenities and welfare facilities.

8. Rule s and regulations governing hours of work and over time, safety and accident prevention, holidays and vacations, method of reporting, vacations.

9. Grievances procedures and discipline handling.

10. Social benefits and recreation services.

11. Opportunities, promotions, transfer suggestion schemes and job satisfaction.

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