Explain about the zone electrophoresis, Biology

Explain about the Zone Electrophoresis?

Zone electrophoresis which was introduced about a decade later describes the migration of charged macromolecules in a porous supporting medium such as cellulose paper, cellulose acetate sheets, and agarose gels. Zone electrophoresis differs from the moving boundary electrophoresis in that it produces an electrophoretogram, a display of protein zones, each one sharply separated from neighbouring zones, on the electrophoretic support material.

In the methods, electrophoresis is carried out in a buffered medium at a fixed pH so that the charge on the particles and hence the rate of migration is stabilized. However, complex mixtures of smaller molecular weight ampholytes can be prepared in which the passage of an electric current produces a gradual increase in the pH of the system from anode to cathode as the components become arranged in order of the increasing pH of their isoelectric points. Isoelectric focussing is based on this principle. When a mixture of high molecular weight ampholytes such as proteins is introduced into such a system covering a pH range of their isoelectric points, the molecules migrate towards the anode or cathode until they arrive at the point at which the pH is that of their isoelectric point. At this point, there is no net charge so the molecule then remains stationary. Isoenzymes and genetic variants can be finely resolved by this technique.

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