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Question :

a) The information requirements of an organisation can be categorised as follows:

• Information for planning;
• Information for controlling;
• Information for recording transactions;
• Information for performance measurement;
• Information for decision-making.

Give a brief discussion of each of the five points mentioned above.

b) With the emergence of new technologies and the benefits derived from them, technical changes can be said to produce their effects on people. Discuss five effects of technological changes on people (that are particularly felt in the world of work).

c) The systems development life cycle does not come to an end once the system has been implemented. Throughout its life, a system should operate effectively and efficiently. To do this, maintenance activities need to be performed. Give a brief discussion of:

(i) Corrective Maintenance.
(ii) Adaptive Maintenance.

Support each answer with any appropriate real-life example.

d) Enterprise Development Council is a regional authority, which is planning to develop a computer-based information system using a structured systems analysis and design methodology (SSADM). Describe, and discuss the relative merits of three techniques, which can be used to collect relevant data about the current and the required system.

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