Determine the role of market segmentation, Marketing Management

Question 1:

Determine the role of market segmentation in effective marketing. Identify and briefly describe the criteria that you would use to help establish whether a variable might be useful as a segmentation base.

Question 2:

Compare "market penetration" pricing with "market skimming" pricing. Under what market conditions might each of the above pricing approaches be appropriately used? Use examples to illustrate key points.

Question 3:

Marketing is much more than merely a collection of techniques and, to be effective, marketing must be seen as an overarching company philosophy. Examine this point of view.

Question 4:

Describe and explain one appropriate process of new product development (NPD) that marketing management should follow to reduce the possibility of product failure at the commercialisation stage of the NPD programme.

Question 5:

Discuss the recent developments which collectively have become known as "green marketing" (i.e. marketing sympathetic to environmental, ecological and related issues) and explain the likely importance of such issues to organisations involved in marketing over the next decade.

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