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1. Design a bitmap for the English vowels A, E, I, O, U for two different sizes and then implement the bitmaps to plot these vowels on the display. Keep in mind that baseline of all the bitmaps should remain the same when plotting, just as it is printed in English language. 

Answer: Here we discuss the bitmap for letter 'E'.  You need to place the character 'E' on a square grid of sufficiently large size.  If the character's area is overlapping more than 50% of a cell of the square grid, assign that cell a bit 1, otherwise assign the cell bit 0.  This way you will have a rectangular grid having cells either assigned 0 or 1.  Map this onto a rectangular matrix and plot the character 'E' using the bitmap method as shown in Figure.  

1462_Design a bitmap for the English vowels 1.png

Other characters can also be modelled using the same technique. Repeat your process for a larger size font also.  Or you can use the same matrix to double the size of the matrix by mapping a cell  to four cells with the same bit value of the cell as shown in Figure on the next page.

181_Design a bitmap for the English vowels 2.png


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