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Quantum number specifiying location of an electron, The quantum number whic...

The quantum number which specifies the location of an electron as well as energy is : (1) Principal quantum number (2) Azimuthal quantum number (3) Spin quantum number

Fatty acids distribution in trihydric alcohol, what is the pattern and mech...

what is the pattern and mechanism of fatty acid distribution in trihydri alcohol for triacylglycerol formation.

Illustrate objectives of heat treatment processes, Illustrate objectives of...

Illustrate objectives of heat treatment processes Heat treatment is normally adopted for the following: (i) To refine grain structure (ii) To improve machinability (ii

Ions, what are ions

what are ions

Physical properties of alkyl isocyanides, Physical properties of Alkyl isoc...

Physical properties of Alkyl isocyanides (1) Alkyl isocyanides are colourless, unpleasant smelling liquids. (2) Alkyl isocyanides are insoluble in water but freely soluble i

Bicyclic compounds, how to do nomenclature of bicyclic compounds with funct...

how to do nomenclature of bicyclic compounds with functional groups??

Experiment on archimedes'' principle, Experiment on Archimedes'  principle...

Experiment on Archimedes'  principle Solder a cycle valve to single half of a copper ball tap float. Load inside the other half with lead or lead shot unless the whole just flo

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