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Today most companies are conducting at least part of their business operations through electronic commerce, more commonly known as ecommerce that is the conduct of business over internet.

(a) Do you think customer's expectations are different when ordering on the Web versus ordering in a traditional store?

(b) Differentiate between a B2B e-commerce and a B2C e-commerce. Support your answer with appropriate example.

(c) Define Application Service Providers. What are the advantages of a University using an ASP for its SAP delivery? Are there any disadvantages?

(d) A company's employees are the most valuable asset to the company. Effective information systems can help manage employees. List the steps in a typical recruiting process and highlight the steps that involve interaction with the potential job candidate. Identify problems in the recruiting process that might lead a candidate to develop a negative opinion of the company. How might an effective information system reduce the potential for these problems?

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