Application of electrochemical grinding, Electrical Engineering

Explain the working principle, Surface finish, material removal, accuracy,advantages and application of Electrochemical Grinding(ECG).

(a) In electro chemical machining of pure iron a material removal rate of 600mm3/min is required. Estimate current required.

Atomatic weight of iron Afe = 56

Density = 7.8gm/cc 10

b) Composition of Nickel super alloy is as follows:

Ni= 70%, Cr=20% , Fe = 5% and rest titanium . Determine ratye of dissoulation if the area of the tool is 1500mm2. and a current is 2000 A is being passed through the cell. Assume dissolution to take place at lowest valency of the element.

Ani = 58.71 ρni=8.9 VNi=2
Acr = 51.99 ρcr=7.19 Vcr=2
Afe = 55.85 ρfe=7.86 Vfe=2
Ati = 47.90 ρti=4.51 Vti=3

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