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Draw a labeled block diagram of the encoder, Question: (a) The convers...

Question: (a) The conversion of a time varying analog audio signal into digital form is carried out using an electronic circuit known as a (signal) encoder. Draw a labeled bl

Complement method of binary subtraction , complement method of binary subtr...

complement method of binary subtraction This  method is  used for  subtraction  as subtraction is  converted to addition. Use following  steps  to perform  subtraction ;

The a.c/d.c. generator - electromagnetic torque, Note, the armature curren...

Note, the armature current is produced in pulses as the armature rotates under the poles, so the torque also pulsates. This can give rise to extra wear on bearings and the engin

Internal frequency compensation of operational amplifier, Q. Internal Frequ...

Q. Internal Frequency Compensation of operational amplifier? Some op amps, such as the 741, have internal RC networks which are intentionally designed to reduce gain at high fr

Sphl load stack pointer with hl instruction, SPHL Load Stack  pointer with...

SPHL Load Stack  pointer with HL Instruction This instruction  copies  the contents of HL register  pair  the stack pointer register. The instruction format is             S

Diode, #quetunnel diode stion..

#quetunnel diode stion..

Find the maximum kva rating as an auto- transformer, Q. A 5-kVA, 480:120-V,...

Q. A 5-kVA, 480:120-V, two-winding, 60-Hz, single-phase transformer has an efficiency of 95% while delivering rated load at rated voltage and 0.8 power factor lagging. This transfo

Energy stored in a switched inductor, The increase in the current is buildi...

The increase in the current is building up the magnetic field surrounding the coil. Energy is stored in that field. Consider the energy supplied by the voltage source during the

Find the t- domain forced response, Consider an RLC series circuit excited ...

Consider an RLC series circuit excited by v(t) = Ve st in the time domain. Assume no initial capacitor voltage or inductive current at t = 0. Draw the transformed network in the s

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