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PARCEL POST REGULATIONS Postal regulations specify that a parcel sent by priority mail may have a combined length and girth of no more than 108 in. Find the dimensions of a rectangular package that has a square cross section and the largest volume that may be sent via priority mail. What is the volume of such a package? Hint: The length plus the girth is 4x + h (see the accompanying figure).


Reference no: EM131169170

How many pounds will be left after 90 years

Where x is the number of years since the material was put into the vault. If 200 pounds of the material are initially put into the vault, how many pounds will be left after

Find a sequence of integrable functions

Find a sequence of integrable functions (fn) on R where -∞∫∞fn = 1 for all n, but fn → 0 uniformly on R. By using simple properties of sin x and cos x, show how to define the

Situational analysis of a human resource

Write a 4-5 page situational analysis of a human resource or organizational function or process at a global organization, from the perspectives of the business organization

Strategic management case analysis for a firm

When you perform a strategic management case analysis for a firm, you must find information about what the firm actually is doing and what the firm plans to do. Comparing wh

Find the dimensions of the barrel

A man wishes to construct a cylindrical barrel with a capacity of 1087r ft3. The cost per square foot of the material for the side of the barrel is half that of the cost per s

Explain how counting numbers

Explain how counting numbers, integers, and rational numbers are used in everyday life. Then, describe a situation in which you used counting numbers, integers, or rational nu

Topic and thesis proposal

In APA format, you will need to define the chosen topic, provide a brief description of the emergent technology, and write a thesis statement. Each proposal should include

Let a be a non-empty set

1. Let A be a non-empty set. Prove that if there exists an injection f : A -> N(natural numbers), then A is finite or countably infinite. 2. Prove that on the real line R, th


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