What is the average shoe size from the given table

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Utilizing the Homework4.xls file attached at the bottom, answer and perform the following questions and summarizations.

Within the excel file, you do not need to use a different worksheet for each question. However, label the questions and make your answers aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow. Failure to follow this request will result in a 10% grade penalty.

1. The Weather worksheet includes monthly average temperature and rainfall in a Midwest town. Create a combination chart (of temperature and rainfall) involving a column and line graph including a secondary axis.

2. The Survey worksheet contains results evaluating a college course. Create a PivotTable of the averages of each question. Include a second column of that table that gives the standard deviation for each question. Your table should look something like this:


Average of Response

Standard Dev

Easy to Follow



Exams were fair and relevant



I want to learn more in this area









3. Using the Height/Shoe worksheet:

1. What is the average shoe size?
2. What is the average height?
3. What is the standard deviation of height?
4. 95% of the heights are approximately from _______ to _________.
5. Insert a scatter plot chart of the data between height and shoe size. Format each axis to make the chart look nice.
6. What is the correlation between height and shoe size? How would you classify the relationship (e.g., no relationship to weak, weak, moderate, strong, very strong)

4. The HouseData worksheet gives the square footage and sales prices for several houses in a neighborhood. Using this worksheet, answer the following questions:
a. Create a scatter plot depicting the data. Display the trend line equation onto the chart. Display the R2 value onto the chart.

b. You currently have a 2,225 square foot home. Using the trend line equation, what is the estimated sales price for the home?

c. You plan on building a 500 square foot addition to your 2,225 square foot home, what is the estimated value increase of the addition? What is the new estimated value of your home?

d. What percentage of the variation in home value is explained by the variation in the house size?

5. The OfficeSupplies worksheet contains daily sales volume (in dollars) of laser printers, printer cartridges, and office supplies.

a. Find and interpret the correlations (e.g., no relationship to weak, weak, moderate, strong, very strong) between each set of quantities (between printers and cartridges, between cartridges and office supplies, and between printers and office supplies).

*** Within the excel file, label each request (1a, 1b, 3a, 3b, etc.) as a separate worksheet within the excel file. Make sure to answer the questions asked within the sheets and not just do the tables and charts. Before jumping right into the questions, it is recommended that you look at the data and the fields first to understand what the information is and its importance.**

Attachment:- hw4.xlsx

Reference no: EM131274046

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