What is ethics-law and morality and religion and morality

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1. What is Ethics? Present and discuss the general concepts and questions that characterize Ethics.

2. Present and discuss the relationship between law and morality and religion and morality

3. Present and discuss normative ethics and meta ethics. What are their similarities and differences?

4. What kind of hedonist was Epicurus? Present and discuss his philosophy and compare it to the hedonism of Aristippus

5. “Death”, said Epicurus, “is nothing to us.” How does he defend this view? Do you consider his argument persuasive? Why? Why not?

6. Are you an Epicurean? Would you like to be? How would you resolve a moral dilemma if you were an Epicurean? Present his theory before you apply it to the handout.

7. What does Bentham mean by the “principle of utility.”?

8. What is the hedonic calculus and how did Bentham suggest we use it? Does Mill agree?

9. “There isno such thing as any sort of motive that is in itself a bad one.” Why does Bentham say this? Do you agree?

10. How does Mill counter the criticism that his philosophy is worty only of swine? Why does he mention the Epicureans in his response?

11. What are main features of Mill’s account of a utilitarian concept of justice? How would Mill’s theory of justice help resolve the issues in the handout?

12. Please define the following: Principle of Utility, seven dimensions of value(in regard to pleasure and pain), sanctions, morality of the act v. the morality of the agent, act utilitarianism v. rule utilitarianism.

13. How would you resolve the moral dilemma in the hand out if you were an egoistic hedonist? If you were a Utilitarian? Present each theory completely before you apply it to the hand out.

14. If you were a utilitarian how would you decide whether drugs out to be legal or illegal. Be sure to refore to the articles in the Waller text in formulating your answer. Would your answer be different if you were an egoistic hedonist? How? Be specific in your presentation of the ethical theories.

Reference no: EM13155119

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