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Write your own essay in 400 words to introduce Chinese characters in which you must cover the answers of the following questions:

1. Who is Cangjie? What relation to Chinese characters does he have?

2. What are the four writing materials known as the “Four Treasures of the Study”?

3. How many different Chinese scripts were developed during the process of evolution?

4. Name the five main Chinese scripts and state their characteristic respectively.

5. Why do we call Chinese characters “HanZi”?

6. According to the studies and analysis of Chinese characters’ structures and forms, which four main formations of the characters have been found?

7. When and why did Chinese people develop the simplified form for modern written Chinese script?

8. What are the six basic strokes and the three techniques to change a stroke?

9. Why is it better for foreign learners to practice Chinese characters with a Chinese brush at the beginner’s stage?

10. Why do students use grid paper to practice Chinese characters?

11. What are the tree essential elements of a Chinese character to be learnt?

12. How many Chinese characters are there in total? How many Chinese characters are commonly used for every day purpose today?

Reference no: EM13155122

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