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BUSINESSES TO WORK ON: Any Melbourne city or suburban patisserie. Suggested patisseries are: Brunetti, Laurent, Hopetoun Tea Room, Ko Ko Black or Lindt Café. No Starbucks Coffee or Gloria Jeans)

You will work on your selected patisserie for this Written Assignment. In this assignment, you will need to demonstrate your understanding of Buyer Behaviour concepts, models and theories.

Apply Consumers' Behaviour theories on the consumers of the selected patisserie using concepts, models, and theories in the following sections of your assignment:




Apply the appropriate concepts, models and theories of Perception, Learning & Memory, Motivation & Global Values, and Personality & Psychographics to explain the internal influences of a patisserie customer.


Use the appropriate concepts, models and theories of Decision Making to explain how potential customer makes decisions in choosing the patisserie.


Discuss how Groups & Social Media, Social Class & Lifestyles, Culture and Subcultures impact the buyer behaviour of potential customers.



Content should display logic and cite examples and theories. You must include:
- Research using at least 2 academic journal articles
- Carefully select appropriate theories and concepts
- Construct an in-depth and analytical discussion
- Use evidence and examples to support your work
- Write in a clear and logical manner.
- Cite all references using the Harvard referencing system
- Prepare and format a reference list.

Attachment:- Consumer Behaviour.rar

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    Report: 25 % - Assignment will be assessed on the following: Criteria Marks 25% Quality and breadth of analysis applying the concepts, models and theories of ‘Consumers as Individuals’ to the patisserie. /5 Quality and breadth of analysis applying the concepts, models and theories of ‘Consumers as Decision Makers’ to the patisserie. /5 Quality and breadth of analysis applying the concepts, models and theories of ‘Consumers as Sub-Cultures’ to the patisserie. /5 Creativity and continuity in how well your report holds together /2 Spelling and grammar /3 Presentation of the report in proper format including proper referencing of the sources using the Harvard referencing style /5 TOTAL /25

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    lindt chocolate cafe , melbourne cbd. we guys are targeting on. please read the instructions very carefully and work accordingly. and i need the slides of powerpoint as well. this is my first on this website , i referred by someone so please give good results to come back again to you guys. and if you need any further details please contact me through e-mail. Assessment – 2 Written Assignment 25% Pairs or Group of 3 Due by 11pm on day of Lecture 5.2

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