The factors that influence the monitoring of project work
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(a) The word "Project" is very often used and most often misused in today's context. Clarify the term "Project" and explain how projects are different from operations

(b) What are the main attributes of a Project Life Cycle? Use any particular project that you are aware of to support your answer

(c) To what extent will you attribute the success of a project to the aptitude and skills of the project manager?


(a) What are the activities that are related to the Management of Project Execution?

(b) Monitoring is an aspect of Project Management performed throughout the Project. What are the factors that influence the monitoring and control of project work?


As a project Manager what are the tools and techniques that you can consider available to you to estimate activity duration for any particular project. Give a fully detailed answer


(a) What is WBS?

(b) Give some characteristics of a WBS

(c) Give an example of a WBS. What could be the major benefits that a WBS could bring to a Project Manager?

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