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The danger in developing positioning statements is a tendency to shift to describing the product benefits rather than solutions for customers. This activity challenges you to see if you can develop a value proposition that does not drift into describing product attributes.

Using the Positioning Challenge Template below, assess the customer need listed. For each customer need, briefly describe a solution to that need that could be delivered from a company or organization. Develop a value proposition that clearly states what the company offers, what the customer gets and the value represented.

Finally, define how your proposed value proposition is distinct from other types of offers from competitors. Summarize those elements in a Positioning Statement that defines how customers would view the solution.

Positioning Challenge

You may also provide the information in paragraph form rather than the table if you prefer or if your facilitator directs you to.

After completing the table, summarize your observations about creating value propositions for customers in one to two paragraphs.

Reference no: EM131405644

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